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Month: October 2018

Cooking bacon

Cooking bacon

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If you’re just piling your bacon into a pan with the fire on high, you’re doing it all wrong. If people do cook it wrong they are making two main mistakes. If you have your flame set on high you’re going to get burnt and soggy bacon. If you place too much of it in the pan, you’ll have bacon overlapping with just some of the bacon touching the pan. The bacon that is touching the pan is getting burned, while the part not touching the pan is just getting soggy and not cooking properly. Click for more

This way you end up getting a few soggy, fatty, burned pieces of meat.

Let’s start off doing this correctly from the beginning. First you want to have the cooker set on low. Don’t be in a rush to get the bacon in and out of the pan. You want to keep it in the pan for about twenty minutes. The next issue is to pick a pan size so the quantity of bacon you are cooking covers the surface of the pan . A lot of folks believe that you shouldn’t flip it until you are ten minutes into cooking it. That’s a big mistake. By continually turning the strips over, you’re seeing that it isn’t burning on the other side. The puddle that the meat is cooking in, is the magic and critical element in keeping it thoroughly cooked and very tasty! Eventually it will start to let off these tiny white bubbles of fat. At this point you will know that it’s time to remove the bacon from the heat.

Now you are ready to remove each slice of bacon from the pan, and set a double folded piece of paper towel. Pat it dry with a different piece of paper towel, being very cautious, because the bacon will be very hot.

So there you have it. Keep the stove on a low heat, don’t cram a lot of bacon in the pan, flip it frequently, and remove the bacon when the little white bubbles start to appear.