Chicken and weight loss

Chicken and weight loss

Chicken Roasted Whole Grilled Cooked Dinne

Chicken has long been regarded as a wonderful alternative to beef and pork for many different reasons. 1 factor that makes a lot of individuals switch to poultry as a protein source is the concept it may help them lose weight. Let’s take a fast look at the facts behind this practice, as we attempt to answer the question “Can I lose weight by eating poultry?”

Chicken breast is very low in fat, though other areas of the bird contain considerably higher levels of saturated fat. This means that if you truly want to shed weight, you should focus primarily on the breast.

While it’s true that lots of individuals have lost weight by substituting chicken for red meat, it’s also true that chicken is barely a “superfood.”

I am a firm believer that 70% of your diet should be composed of high water-content foods such as fresh fruits and veggies. This is the perfect.

Needless to say, if you would like to shed weight by eating poultry, simply have a great large chicken salad with leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados. Dress it with olive oil, fresh herbs, Raccoon removal, and fresh cracked pepper and you aren’t just on the right track, you are in 7th Heaven!

Grilled chicken sandwiches, pitas, and wraps are also excellent alternatives, as long as you pile on the veggies and use whole grain breads.

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