Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon Head Orange Reptile Lizard
Being a parent of three boys, you can imagine what my boys ask me to buy for them. When I first heard of the bearded dragon, I had mixed feelings. I wanted to create my boys happy, but what on earth were theya lizard and three boys seemed like a bad mix to me at that time.

My boys were old enough to care for pets when they asked me to get a bearded dragon, so I found no real reason to worry about it. I understood that when they’re that excited, they would do anything to take care of the new pet. What was missing was the knowledge needed to keep the creature alive. So, I set out to speak with friends who already have one.

Surprisingly, I discovered a lot of enthusiasts in my neighborhood, and folks were very encouraging when I asked them about what many call the “beardie”. They told me to see as much as I could about the bearded dragon, so I would know just how to care for this marvelous pet.

So, I did my homework and, sure enough, I started consuming the best possible information to make certain that my boys’ new reptile will endure Raccoon removal. When our first Beardie came, I found the critter extremely affable. You may say it was love at first sight for my boys, who actually made it a point to care for their new pet.

I loved the reptile and, years later, we are still caring for him, and a few other reptiles, in the home. It is not always easy, but when you become a reptile lover, all of the work involved becomes a worthy investment, because you know for a fact that appropriate care generates the best results.

I wrote this book to help aspiring reptile fans with their own bearded dragons. But trust me, with time, you’ll get used to the process and you’ll be happy with the results.

This Lizard is a gentle reptile species from genus Pogona. These reptiles hail from Australia, and are quite popular with reptile fans in america. The most popular species is Pogona vitticeps. Pogona vitticeps can be bought from pet stores and private reptile breeders across the country.

In comparison to other pet reptiles, the bearded dragon is often regarded as “the beginner’s lizard,” because it is simple to take care of them even if you have never really kept a reptile as a pet before. So, before you move on to more exotic reptiles, try taking care of Pogona vitticeps first.

Needless to say, there are other bearded dragon species; the demands of Pogona vitticeps’ cousins are similar. Bearded dragons are relatively small in comparison to other domestic reptiles, making it perfect for children, too.

The first thing that you have to take into consideration before Purchasing a bearded dragon, or any other reptile for that matter, is your personal ability to Care for a reptile

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